Service Products

  1. Ballastable Barges
  2. Set Tug and Cargo Barges
  3. Accommodation Work Barges (AWB)
  4. Semi Submersible Barge
  5. Swamp Barge
  6. Floating Cranes / Derrick Barges
  7. Jack Rigs
  8. Pipe Lay Barges (PLB)
  9. Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) / Straight Supply Vessels (SSV)
  10. Anchor Handling Tugs / Supply (AHT/S)
  11. Offshore Crew Boats
  12. Fast Crew Boats
  13. Patrol Boats
  14. Landing Craft Vessel (LCT/RORO)
  15. Oil Barge / Tankers / FSO
  16. Diving Support Vessels (DSV)
  17. Utility Boats / Work Boats
  18. Geo Survey Boats
  19. Heavy Lifts Gear Vessels (Breakbulk / Semi Container Vessel)

6 Comments on “Service Products”

  1. Hi
    We are serious buyer and searching to purchase the following vessel

    1) Tanker
    2) Clean Product
    3) 1500 to 2,500 dwt
    4) 35 yrs old
    5) Any flag, Indonesian flag preferred

    Please send us vessel specification and pictures at

    Looking forward to your favorable reply soonest.


  2. We are interested in chartering a 150-200 person
    accommodation jack up barge for a client in the
    Middle East for 2 years starting in 2014. Let me
    know if you’re interested and I will provide more

    Rush Vann

  3. Dear Mr/Mrs/Bapak/Ibu/Pimpinan/Manager/HRD

    Kami menyediakan berbagai macam pilihan asuransi kapal sbb:
    Asuransi Rangka Kapal, Pengangkutan, Protection & Idemnity : Marine Hull And Machinery Insurance, Builder’s Risk Insurance, Protection And Idemnity (P&I) Insurance, Marine Cargo Insurance.

  4. We are currently in Jakarta for a business trip until Saturday. If possible would wish to have a meet up to speak further with regards to charter a tanker vessel 7000 mt per month for a duration of one year. Ctc: 014-3222723

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