Oil Barge Cap. 2500 KL

Currently we have Oil Barge designed to carry Crude Oil or Fuel Oil such as of HSD, MFO, Kerosene, and CPO. Class Notation is BKI A 100 P, Indonesia Flag, 61.59m LOA, 18.30m Breadth Molded, and 3.66m Depth Moulded. GRT 1074 Ton, 820 Ton NRT. Cargo Tank (Maximum Loaded) about 2800 KL, Fuel Oil Tank 1200 Liters, Fresh Water 1000 Liter, and Ballast Tank 100 KL. Cargo Pump Aero Flow Centrifugal Pump, Mitsubisi 6D14 (120 HP x 2000 Rpm) 2 units, Fuel Consumption 15 liter per hours, Generator Yanmar TF-105MH 2 units, Discharge Pump output 250KL per hour. Fire Pump 1 x 3 inch x 1500 RPM and weight of anchor about 1000 Kg.


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  1. Capt Vivek says:

    I am very int4rested in purchase of this vessel . Please advise price and contact me on my email id vivsea@gmail.com mob +918898373383 skype vivsea1

  2. JW Park says:

    Dear Sir.

    Our close client would like charter Arrox’ 1,000 DWT Self Propelled Oil Barge at this moment.
    Any candidate plz let me know.

    brgds JW.Park / 박정우(朴正祐)
    General Manager
    Gd. Graha Surveyor Indonesia Lt. 16 Suite 1601
    Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav. 56 Jakarta 12950
    Phone No. +62 21 29039390/1/2 Fax No. +62 21 29023330
    Korea Phone 070 7688 5610 Mobile No. +62 812 1993 9643
    E-mail : hijack1724@gmail.com

  3. budi says:

    how price OIL BARGE CAP. 2500 KL

  4. Chelsea says:

    I am very interested in purchase of this vessel . Please advise price and contact me on my email id qjw0409@163.com; mob +8613120690908; skype xiaobeibei007

  5. Sludge is removed from the YOS at a dumping site by an installed diesel driven sludge pump. Steam coils are provided in the sludge tanks to maintain the sludge in a fluid state. Alternate use of barge is for general storage of oil.

  6. Capt Mike says:

    May have interest in this vessel, if double hull. What is the build date? +01 2068198603

  7. hasan says:

    gan kapalnya masih ada ini, nett berapa?

  8. Dekki says:


    Minta penawaran harga untuk oil bargenya, trims

    Best Regards,

    Dekki Prastyo

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