50 Pax Crew Boat for Sale


Owner of CB. Samugraha-01 is going to sell their crew boat built in 1997, BKI Class, Indonesia Flag, 85 Tons GRT and 28 Ton NRT. LOA is about 25.9 meter, 6.1 meter breadth moulded, 2.86 meter depth, designed draft at 1.61 meter and freeboard at 1.25 meter. Cargo Loading capacity is about 15 Tons, 42.27 LT Deadweight. Free Deck Space is about 32 sqm.

Samugraha 01

Main Engine is 2 x Detroit Dieasel 12V71TI, 2 x 510 BHP at 2100 RPM, Twin Disc Propulsion, Reverse/Reduction. 2 unit Detroit Dieasel 3-71 Generator Engines with 2 unit Alternator KATO 120/208V, 60Hz, 40KW. 60 seat maximum for passenger with 2 toilet, messing room for 5 crew. Fuel consumption @1900 RPM, 210 Liter per hour at 16.5 knot and @1600 RPM, 200 Liter per hour at 15 knot free running speed. Portable Water is about 10 Tons and fuel tank capacity is about 15 tons.

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